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Jesse the Westie
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Yesterday was my birthday!

Yep, I'm six. I think six is a distinguished age for a chap like me. I've mastered digging, mudding, walking, sitting and even the grass roll over. (See video below) For my birthday Blizz and I were given a monster tasty bone. (I don't know why she got one too since it wasn't her birthday!) It was HUGE. (As you can tell in the pictures)

After all that rolling around in the grass though I was due for a bath, but mom let it slide yesterday since it was, after all, my birthday! The day was great even though it was cloudy but the night brought thunderstorms and Blizz and I don't like those. We kept mom up pretty late fussing over the storms but finally I came to rest in a pile of mom's dirty clothes on her bedroom floor. I don't mean to sound like a baby (gosh I am six!) but the scent of my mom comforts me. It takes a big man to reveal that about himself.

Till next time!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tag you're it!

Tag I was it! Downunder Daisy tagged me and others to play a game. You have to open the first photo folder on your computer and post the 10th picture while giving some detail. Well here's mine:

It's Marie, my mom's niece. She likes to grab my tail! This picture was taken last fall sometime in October at my grandparents house. I wasn't there but she was out playing in the backyard. Gosh they grow up so fast!

Hopefully I played it right! Anyways, I now TAG Santa & Minnie plus Julep and Derby! Let's see what they come up with.


Jesse the Westie

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I love my Westie and new couch!

Yesterday about 11:30 in the morning we got a knock on the door. My mom locked me and Blizz up in our room so we couldn't see who it was. Finally after about 30 minutes we were released to the rest of the house and found a new couch was brought in. Looked very comfy so I had to try it out. (Blizz is not allowed on the furniture because she sheds really bad) That's me on it above. Indeed it was very comfy and nice. In fact I slept on it all night long and didn't get up until mom was about to go to work.

We also got a package in the mail. It was "I love my Westie" and "I love my Pit Bull" magnets for my mommy's car. We were so surprised! We know mom loves us but that much?! After a long exciting day I was exhausted and resigned to the floor in my room which is where mom was typing on the computer. But I'll be back to the couch for a long night's rest!

By the way, my birthday is this Sunday! I'll be six. Can't wait for that special treat.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Well gang the last few days have been wonderful with the sunny sun out. We've been taking walkies and getting good treats and of course more digging! The weather here is in the 70's and will be through the weekend. Big change from the last few weeks. Here's some pics of our fun in the sun:

Here's more on my digging skills:

You see gang, digging is a true science that I have mastered beyond my years. Even Blizzo thinks so......right Blizzo?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rain, rain go away!

Well we've been couped up in the house the last 2 days because of the rain. However, our uncle Eric came by yesterday and took us out for a short walk while the sun was momentarily out. The floors have been covered in mud and mom isn't too pleased with that. But what's the point in cleaning them when we're just going to go outside again and bring more in? I think mom got the point after cleaning them twice! Hello, it's not like we have a toilet we can use inside! Here's hoping for a better sunnier week ahead as I also really need a bath!
Here's our mess in the kitchen:

And on the hardwood floors:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Digging for gold

Hello out there again! Sorry it's been a while since my last update but been busy. I'm getting more walks with my new harness and since the weather has been fantastic! But as soon as I say that the rain is coming. I want to send out a special thanks to my first "official" follower Bonnie the not so wee Scottie or otherwise known as ScrapsofMe. Thanks for checking me out and I'm adding you as a blog to follow.

Now back to my title, "Digging for gold", well you see my mom thinks I was digging for gold for her to wear but I was actually digging to hide my bone from the other day. You see, my companion Blizz found out where it was and I had to re-hide it again underneath the deck. Mom's been meaning to fix that hole underneath so I can't get there and get dirty, but she hasn't yet to my enjoyment.

Here's a sneak peak at my digging skills on this video:

Blizz was none the less than thrilled at my digging skills, as you can tell by her facial expression below:

Monday, March 1, 2010


We finally had some visitors! Me and Blizz love visitors to our home. Our mom's friends from North Carolina came by last Friday with their little girl Kenzie. Kenzie just loved me and I loved her too! We sat in the recliner and she petted me over and over, I was in heaven! Blizz didn't miss out either as another guest was in love with her and got the same amount of attention.

We need more visitors to our home! Here's a pic of me and Kenzie:

She's my new best friend! Wish she lived closer though so I could see her more often. By the way, update on our mom Brooke. She hasn't been feeling too good but we managed to get a walk in today since the weather was so great. She's been tired a lot lately and the doctor put her on some restricted work hours. This getting older really stinks for all of us. Speaking of that, my sixth birthday is March 28th. Nothing special planned, just a great treat probably. Well till next time, cheerio!