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Jesse the Westie
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Tag you're it!

Tag I was it! Downunder Daisy tagged me and others to play a game. You have to open the first photo folder on your computer and post the 10th picture while giving some detail. Well here's mine:

It's Marie, my mom's niece. She likes to grab my tail! This picture was taken last fall sometime in October at my grandparents house. I wasn't there but she was out playing in the backyard. Gosh they grow up so fast!

Hopefully I played it right! Anyways, I now TAG Santa & Minnie plus Julep and Derby! Let's see what they come up with.


Jesse the Westie


  1. Hi Jesse - what a fantastic picture of your Mom's niece - we don't know about that tail pulling though. Have patience with her - she'll grow up and quit it soon.

    The Rocky Creek Scotties

  2. Ooh...we got tagged?! Okay, we'll play...