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Jesse the Westie
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I love my Westie and new couch!

Yesterday about 11:30 in the morning we got a knock on the door. My mom locked me and Blizz up in our room so we couldn't see who it was. Finally after about 30 minutes we were released to the rest of the house and found a new couch was brought in. Looked very comfy so I had to try it out. (Blizz is not allowed on the furniture because she sheds really bad) That's me on it above. Indeed it was very comfy and nice. In fact I slept on it all night long and didn't get up until mom was about to go to work.

We also got a package in the mail. It was "I love my Westie" and "I love my Pit Bull" magnets for my mommy's car. We were so surprised! We know mom loves us but that much?! After a long exciting day I was exhausted and resigned to the floor in my room which is where mom was typing on the computer. But I'll be back to the couch for a long night's rest!

By the way, my birthday is this Sunday! I'll be six. Can't wait for that special treat.


  1. You are one lucky Westie - a new couch and a package all on the same day.

    The Rocky Creek Scotties

  2. Happy Early Birthday!!!

  3. Couches are so comfy!
    Poor Blizz not being allowed to go on.
    But lucky you! :) enjoy it!
    Happy birthday! i hope you gets lots of yummy treats.

    Love, Bella.