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Jesse the Westie
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Monday, March 1, 2010


We finally had some visitors! Me and Blizz love visitors to our home. Our mom's friends from North Carolina came by last Friday with their little girl Kenzie. Kenzie just loved me and I loved her too! We sat in the recliner and she petted me over and over, I was in heaven! Blizz didn't miss out either as another guest was in love with her and got the same amount of attention.

We need more visitors to our home! Here's a pic of me and Kenzie:

She's my new best friend! Wish she lived closer though so I could see her more often. By the way, update on our mom Brooke. She hasn't been feeling too good but we managed to get a walk in today since the weather was so great. She's been tired a lot lately and the doctor put her on some restricted work hours. This getting older really stinks for all of us. Speaking of that, my sixth birthday is March 28th. Nothing special planned, just a great treat probably. Well till next time, cheerio!

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  1. Hi Jesse! Nothing like a good cuddle with a respectful child. I hope yer Mom gets to feeling better soon so you can get walkies. My last trip to the vettie showed I had packed on some poundage over the winter so now it's diet time and extra walkie time. SHE is talking about getting a treadmill. I'm sure it's for the Mr. and not little svelte ME!
    I'm glad I found you.


    Bonnie the not so wee Scottie