Jesse the Westie

Jesse the Westie
The life of a good ole' Westie

Monday, May 24, 2010

Part-time job

I have recently gone to a top secret job interview. And I was delighted (but not surprised) that they hired me on the spot. After all, I have mad skills. It turns out, I'm the new sheriff in town. Well okay, not in town but in my yard or 'garden'. I've been working almost every night, barking at anything and everything! My mom and Blizz have started to worry that I'm not getting enough sleep. My mom has tried to bribe me with almost everything at night and I still won't come in the house and give up my security post. Now I have the badge but need a uniform....I wonder if Bella the Westie has one I can borrow? Gotta run and get back to my security to you all later!

P.S. Remember this guy? I will NOT be doing his job.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reflections of the past...

Some of you may have wondered how a westie and a pit bull got to be the best of friends. Well it all started back in 2002 when Blizz was adopted by mom's sister. For two years she ruled the house until I came along in 2004. I was a college graduation gift to mom and she was so happy to have me. By that time Blizz was already two years old and we lived together for another year. She taught me how to walk on a leash, how to bark and play. In 2005, we moved out from our grandparents house with mom and her sister (Blizz's original mom) to a new house. It was tough getting adjusted to a new house and new but smaller backyard. Then the unthinkable happened, Blizz and I were separated when mom's sister moved out. For about a year we were living separately until fate stepped in again. In 2008 mom's sister had a baby and she wanted my mom to take care of Blizz permanently. Mom happily obliged and you can say we lived happily ever after. I want to say thank you to Blizz for teaching me all about life and for putting up with my puppy ways. I know I occasionally still get on her nerves but she has been the best friend one westie could ever have. Please don't think badly of all pit bulls, as Blizz is a testament to her breed. May God give us many more days together.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Defending our turf!

Blizz and I were caught by mom defending our turf against a German Shepard! (Of course he was on a leash but we still showed him!)