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Jesse the Westie
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Toy Massacre!

Yes, the above picture is that of a toy massacre. Mom bought us 3 new toys the other day and within 24 hours the massacre occurred. The big thing in the middle with all the brown stuffing coming out is what I used to call my bed. To the right of what I used to call my bed is the remains of a pink stuffed pig and to the upper left is the remains of a green stuffed frog. The 3rd new toy (a rubber red bear) was listed as MIA when this photographic evidence was taken. He later turned up in mom's bedroom and is now listed as a prisoner of war. We are thinking of releasing him into the nasty neighbor's yard at night, a top secret mission that I am only sharing with you all.

I didn't mean to destroy my bed but I was hiding the toys underneath of it and periodically had to check on the status of my prisoners and you know I have to use my mouth to physically pick up the bed and well it got out of hand. My teeth are just so strong and sharp! They really are a lethal weapon.

Blizz did not take part in the massacre. She sat contently watching the battle and was thoroughly entertained. She did as you can tell guard her bed from the invasion.

You may be wondering where I am sleeping now and it's actually a different spot each night. I start out getting underneath mom's bed on the cool hardwood floors which you might think is too hard but it's quite comfortable. It's nice and cool from the hot summer heat we are having lately and no one bothers me there. From there I usually go back into our room and lay on the carpet or wake mom up to let me go outside and sleep on the mat. If she lets me out and I don't come back when called she leaves me out till morning.

Mom is going to get me a new bed this weekend but will wait a while on the replacement toys. It was fun while it lasted.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Uh oh! Doggies on the couch!

Bad dogs, bad dogs, what 'cha gonna do when SHE comes for you? Okay so that's a bad remake of the 'COPS' song but we were really in trouble when we got caught on the couch last night. Blizz is not allowed at all on the couch because she sheds terribly, and me, well you can say I am only allowed when I am clean (which is never!). We were let go with a misdemeanor and no slap on the wrist. I even was able to keep my part-time security job in the backyard all night.

Still no attack plan has been engaged yet on the neighbor from hell due to the excessive heat and him of course staying home all the time since he has no job. We figure he's still alive and hiding in his house waiting for our attack.

Blizz is scheduled to go back to the vet this weekend to have her ears re-checked. She seems to be doing better so we're hoping for a full recovery.

Adios amigos! (Can you believe that a dog from Scottish descent can speak a little espanol?)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blizz and me

Blizz had to go to the vet for her ears. She unfortuantely has an ear infection in both ears! I wonder if that's why one ear is always up? She hates taking her medicine too.
Mom wonders why I can't be as white and clean as Bella the Westie and Julep & Derby. She mentioned something about another haircut coming up...
By the way, her 30th birthday is this Saturday the 17th. Ha, ha she's getting old but she says 30 is the new 20. Go figure on that one!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

That darn neighbor!

Just a quick update on the jerk neighbor situation. When mom got home from work and was going to check the mailbox he was coming out of his house with his daughter and he said hello. Mom said hello back but not in the most friendly way of course. He then proceeded to strike up a conversation but mom stopped him dead in his tracks! Before he could complete his thought mom asked why he called the cops on us when we weren’t even outside barking and of course he denied it. Mom then walked back up to the house and he was still going on and on that it wasn’t him, blah blah. She came in the house and let us out in the backyard and then there was a knock on the door. She immediately knew who it was and was furious he wanted to continue the conversation. But she opened the door and there he stood, in his stupidness! A conversation pursued and finally mom said “Okay it’s over with let’s move on”. Finally he retreated off the porch! What he said didn’t add up so we’re pretty sure it was indeed him. I wish mom would have let me at him!

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions posted, some were great ideas! Blizz and I have seriously discussed planning a full scale attack on his yard…but he’s so nosey that he looks out his window everytime he hears something…so it will be difficult. Plus he's ALWAYS home. We shall see. Maybe we’ll watch some movies like “Saving Private Ryan” or “Behind Enemy Lines” to get some pointers.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wrongfully Accused!

Yes, that's right! I was wrongfully accused early Saturday morning. About 5:30 in the morning we got a knock on the front door and mom peeped out through the peep hole in the door and it was a policeman! She nervously opened the door thinking something bad had happened to our family but she was wrong. The officer mentioned that a neighbor had complained about dogs barking and she immediately stated, "But my dogs have been in the house all night". Supposedly our next door neighbor called and gave our address and another neighbor's address. Boy was mom mad! Not knowing who it was that called, she went down to the other neighbor's house who also got reported. She comes to find out that the neighbor in between us had called and the other accused neighbor said he was a jerk! So the next time she sees him boy is he in for it! Anyways, I've posted my mug shot and hope who ever else gets wrongly accused has a good mom like me to take up for them!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We are still here...

Hi everyone! Sorry we haven't posted anything in a while but mom got back from vacation and took a break from helping me blog. We're trying to catch up on everyone's blog and will be leaving comments again. Mom's been busy since she has gone back to work full-time and recently got a promotion all while dealing with her muscular dystrophy.

It's also been extremely HOT here the last few weeks and we haven't been walking or staying outside much. Blizz and I throughly enjoy the air conditioning! I'm glad I didn't live back in the day when there was no such thing as air conditioning. Believe me, fans just won't cut it in this humidity.

Mom's been thinking of getting us a little plastic pool for those HOT days. But then again, she's worried that I will roll around in the dirt after taking a dip in the pool. I say get the pool! Sometimes mom will squirt us with the water hose and Blizz just loves it. She jumps in the air and tries to drink the water.

Well I hope everyone is doing great and will be catching up on your blogs soon.