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Jesse the Westie
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Long time, no see

Let me first start off by saying, long time, no see! We had to take some time off from blogging to mourn our beloved Blizzo. Not sure how often we will be back, hoping at least once a month.

Can't believe it's been over a year since Blizz has passed away. Mom and me for a while had dreams almost every night of her. Now, it's not as common but they still sneak up on us once in a while. A few times we awoke thinking the dream was real and that she was still here with us. And even at times, we thought we could hear her when we nestled quietly into bed and just listened.

Our hearts are still broken and I'm still coping but we are attempting to keep busy. Not that she's out of our minds when we are busy, but we know she wants us to live our lives. Mom still says good morning to her and especially when her song comes on the radio! "Good Life" by OneRepublic.

Next post I'll update you all on my excavating business, let's just say Mom is not pleased with the progress.

Here are some pictures of Blizz's Urn and paw print. The picture frame says, "God saw her getting tired, a cure not meant to be so He wrapped His arms around her and whispered, "Come with Me". Rest in peace our dear Blizzo.


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