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Jesse the Westie
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yum Yum!

Hello everyone, just thought I would share my favorite food with you. It's Cesar and it has my picture on the packaging! (Even though we all know I can't stay that white!) This one in particular is my favorite:

Another good choice in flavors:

Has anyone else tried this before? I won't eat anything else now unfortuantely for mom. It's a little more expensive than Pedigree, Alpo, etc. and not a lot comes in it, but it does fill my tummy up when mixed with dry food. Well mom's calling me for dinner, gotta run!


  1. They look like great flavours. We pretty much eat anything. (We think that Westie has been airbrushed and digitally enhanced!)

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Are you a fussy eater, Jesse? I am picky with my food too! We deserve the best, after all.
    It sure looks yummy!
    wow, us westies are famous, aren't we?! :)

    Love, Bella.

  3. We have never tried those two flavours, though we have tried Cesar but we can't remember which flavour. We didn't like it or for that matter any commercial wet food. We prefer steamed chicken mixed with kibbles. Better still, just steamed chicken. ;)

  4. Woooos! I think one of those would last exactly like 2 seconds here!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  5. I read that Jesse is getting itchy feet - could be a food allergy - Cesar does have a lot of stuff that can cause allergies in westies - I hate to say this but it's not the best food for a westie.

    Try tea tree oil and aleo which you can buy at PetSmart - called Hot Spot Spray. I soak a cotton ball in it (doesn't smell the greatest) and clean between the pads of the feet - the tea tree has properties that will kill bacteria/yeast. If Jesse's feet smell sweet then it's probably a yeast infection - one westie I know had to be put on pills to clean it up.

    Don't remember if your on Facebook or not - but if you are go to the Group Page I started called WESTIES HEALTH -- from ears to tail. Lots of subjects covered.

    Hope this helps ... Katie

  6. Puffy gets some of those sometimes. She puts a litle of it, like a quarter package, on top of his kibby to moisten it from time to time. I don't get any cuz I have a sensitive tummy and anything tasty makes my tummy upset. She calls it dog candy. A little goes a long ways. Those brekky flavors are Puffies fave.